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We offer businesses, institutions and individuals effective, affordable and precisely-targeted online reputation management campaigns that will preserve and promote credibility and trust with those who come in contact with you.

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Sometimes the internet doesn’t always get our good side….

Many people every year fall victim to being misrepresented online. Whether it is simply the result of bad branding and marketing, questionable past decisions, or possible direct and untrue slander, the results can be devastating for your business.

Take for example a client of ours who had to let go of a very troublesome employee, who was dead set on revenge unbeknownst to the company who let him go. After he was discharged, he began to go to work daily, creating multiple websites, blogs, images, and other vehicles to enable a full blown smear campaign. This over time began to rank fairly well until one day the company discovered upon Googling their company name, their own website was being trumped by complete and total slander. Despite countless reports, and flagging of inappropriate and untrue content, there was no knocking the horribly damaging content down in the ranks. That’s where we came in, within 6 months on one of our premium reputation management plans we were able to diminish these articles of slander by overriding them with keywords, backlinks, social media, and blog management. Enabling our team to utilize all premium web properties and internal internet expertise, our services downgraded the slander to the bottom of the page , then page 2, then 3 and so on. This is just an example of how we can help you reclaim your name.

A company’s reputation is their biggest asset, bigger than marketing and branding could ever be. Take back your name NOW! Our Reputation Management Specializes in Organic SEO and pushing down such sites as :

  • Ripoff Report
  • Yelp
  • Forums, blogs, videos, pictures, and threads